Memorial meeting: further details

Nigel Calder


Memorial meeting

Royal Astronomical Society

Burlington House


London W1J OBQ

Tuesday 2 December 2014 at 4pm

Followed by an informal reception 5-6pm

Speakers will include:

  • Paul Bonner (BBC Head of Science and Features 1975-1979)
  • Hamish Mykura (Channel 4 Commissioning Editor 2001-2011)
  • Dr Stuart Clark (ESA Science Journalist 2001-2005)
  • Dr David Whitehouse (BBC Science Correspondent and Science Editor BBC News Online, 1988-2006)
  • Professor Henrik Svensmark (Danish Technical University)

To request a seat, please email  Places are quite limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but would like to share a memory of Nigel, please comment below, or send an email to the above address.

2 Responses to Memorial meeting: further details

  1. Mervyn says:

    I always had great respect for Nigel and his career. I particularly admired his courage for speaking out against the catastrophic man-made global warming propaganda. It was a very sad day indeed when he passed away.

    Nigel will be forever remembered here in Australia.

  2. Steve says:

    I ‘discovered’ Nigel at a used book store in the early 1980s when I stumbled across “The Key to the Universe”. I then read everything that he wrote that I could find. It was a wonderful day when I discovered Dr Calder online. We have lost a brilliant man and a great communicator. My greatest regret is that I never emailed him and thanked him for the knowledge he gave me. So I’ll say here what I should have said to the great man himself:
    THANK YOU Dr Calder for all you’ve done for me and humanity. RIP, Sir- you are missed.

    Steve/Tennessee, USA
    Science First! politics last.

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