Memorial meeting: advance notice

Nigel Calder


Memorial meeting

Royal Astronomical Society

Burlington House


London W1J OBQ

Tuesday 2 December 2014 at 4pm

Followed by an informal reception 5-6pm


An hour-long programme of talks celebrating the life and work of the science writer Nigel Calder will take place on 2 December, which would have been Nigel’s 83rd birthday. Speakers are to be confirmed but will include his co-writer and friend Professor Henrik Svensmark.
Details of how to request a seat will be given here ( on 11 November.


One Response to Memorial meeting: advance notice

  1. Orson Olson says:

    I am one of the more distant, “online” friends of Nigel, who was deeply affect by this man’s prodigious, and manifold scientific interests ever since being a teenage science geek. I come the North Central United States, and I look forward to meeting other people, to celebrate his life, steadfast work, and shared curiosity and visions.

    My calendar is marked, and I will check back to see that I can make this memorial event. ‘Thank you’ to everyone I’m yet to meet (or may never meet). He brought us together.

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