The Register approves

Noticing the Internet 64 story posted on Calder’s Updates a couple of days ago, The Register (online IT newspaper) has an article by Andrew Orlowski

It closes with the kind remark:

“The blog is only a week old, but already looks like a splendid editor’s scrapbook, a place to while away some time.”

Thanks, Andrew

Nigel Calder


8 Responses to The Register approves

  1. technome says:

    It was El Reg that led me here and, after reading a couple of your articles, your RSS feed is now in my bookmarks.

    Thanks, Nigel

  2. Jon says:

    here here technome

  3. Richard111 says:

    Justly deserved. Well done.

    Magic Universe is my reference for help in trying to understand problems of science.

  4. SteveC says:

    Check – another Reg reader here, and thanks to them.
    Used to read New Scientist back in the day, when I was a spotty schoolboy, and I’m delighted to see more from the man who taught me a lot of the science I know. Good to re-establish contact, Nigel – I shall be another regular visitor.

  5. Peter Hood says:

    After following El Reg’s link to here, this sprang to mind:

    • calderup says:

      Thanks, Peter — that may be a handy link for my Predictions Revisited activities.
      I’ve also bookmarked the ongoing


      • Peter Hood says:

        If I’d been more switched on I’d have pointed it out. Perhaps as an ex smoker I was excited by the short article on ‘safe cigarettes’.

        Anyhow, deeply nostalgic!

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